American Soul Charity Rodeo a multi-cultural event for the entire family

The American Soul Charity Rodeo will celebrate and honor all cowboys of color and their contributions to building the west.

We will highlight the irrefutable global appeal of Cowboys of Color in the West and the stories behind a sub-culture that is still strong today.

The “American Soul Charity Rodeo” serves as a cultural event and opportunity for Cowboys, Cowgirls and Celebrities to showcase their skills and compete to win prize money and to support their favorite Charities. With an entertaining Pre-show event to include a cultural history presentation.

We will feature Celebrity appearances, performances and highlights with rodeo clips of the past and present along with significant interviews of Western icons and footage of some classic western movies featuring Cowboys of Color on the big screen.

The families will enjoy entertainment, reenactments, education and culture during the special Pre-Show Program. The American Soul Charity Rodeo will showcase cowboys and cowgirls of all ethnicities as they come together and help raise money to continue the programs for our supported charities in surrounding communities.

The ASCR is an event developed by the Women of Color Initiative (WOCI) a 50l(c)(3) Organization which provides, health education, screenings, fitness programs and resources to support women and their families. Through a collaboration, this event supports “Camp Gid D Up” and “Rodeo Wranglers”, of which both organizations provide educational and recreational programs for underserved youth as well as grants for students wanting a career in the animal sciences or that want to compete professionally. It also provides an opportunity for other participating partners and charities to raise money for their organizations through event participation and/or event ticket sales.

Authentic Tradition

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